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Brand consistency is very important, as important as the message itself

You have a brand … now use it

If you paid us, or someone else to make a brand, don’t stop there

Just adding your logo to a document doesn’t mean your done

Branding of your business does not stop at a logo. So often we see companies just think that now they have a logo that they are done. They take that logo and add it to homemade documents (brochures and business cards) and they pass them off as their company documents.

Worst of all they haven’t used the correct version of the logo. It will be too small, or too big or it is a bitmap image of the logo and it is now all rough looking.

Your image speaks volumes about your business. Homemade business cards, brochures, envelopes tell your customers you don’t care enough to look professional. If that is the brand you want to convey, what can be said about the work you do?


Need a Corporate Brand?

logo designers Regina
Door Hangers Regina

Door Hanger

An 8.5 x 5.5 door hanger for a targeted campaign. Instead of blanketing the whole city at tone time, we worked out a neighbourhood by neighbourhood strategy so the client was able to determine which neighbourhood was the most successful. This way the campaign could be adjusted if needed.

Business Card & Letterhead

As a Chartered Professional Accountant, our client sends a lot of letters and notes to her corporate clients. The letterhead was printed on a linen paper and the cards were two sided with a spot varnish added to her logo to emphasize the ‘wax sea’ of her logo, also designed by us.

Regina Business Cards
Dimensional Signs Regina

Logo & Dimensional Sign

A gourmet hot dog shop in Regina Beach. It started with the logo. Once the logo was created, the sign was next (obviously), but the thick lined style of the logo just screamed for a dimensional sign.

Look close at the photo, you will notice that the hot dog and bun are raised above the background circle and the mustard is another layer on top of the hot dog. Adding to the depth are the individual letters.

Thanks to RSS Signs for a job well done.