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You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day.
You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.

With technical issues, there are a lot of variables in-play.


The more we know about your problems, the better and quicker we can support you.

Please review the links and procedures below. You may be able to resolve the issue yourself. If not, you will be able to let us know what you have tried and more about the problem.

We understand the temptation to pick up the phone and call us.

It may seem easier, but unfortunately it is not. When you call with issues, we have to try and write everything down at the speed you are talking. Having an electronic report of what your issues are provide us with a to-do list of things we have to look at for you.

Please take a moment to Submit a Trouble Ticket.


  • The best thing to do is your website is down is to go to this website – Down For Me or Everyone. This will instantly tell you if it is an issue on your end or if it is an issue for everyone.
  • If it is down for just you, then it could be a host of issues:
  • If Omni Studios hosts your website and your website is down. The first thing to do is to check to see if our website is down. So I guess if you can read this, our website is up. If that is the case then the whole server is online.
    • Our server hasn’t completely gone down in over 2 years, so chances are it is not that.
    • The server may have been rebooted at times for maintenance or repair. But our ‘site up time” has been steady.
    • Follow Omni Studios on Twitter to be notified of any planned server outages
  • If after checking that our site is still online and your is still not showing, then it might be that the domain name has expired. So you should go to and type in your domain. The page will tell you a lot of details about your domain including the expired date. If it has expired then it will need to be renewed in order for it to come back online. Once renewed it can take up to 72 hours for it to show up again.

Why? When your domain name expires, the server IP address reverts back to the server of where the domain was purchased from (example and is no longer pointing at our server where your image and code files are located. It is similar to Canada Post. When you move physical addresses and fill out the card at Canada Post to redirect your mail, it takes a few days for all the different computer servers in the world to be notified that your site is back at the correct address.

  • If the domain hasn’t expired everything else checks out, then there could be a site code issue which we will need to review. Please send us a Support Ticket to let us know.


We understand that not having access to your email is very frustrating.

With ever growing number of spam emails flooding the Internet, more and more ISPs tighten their email filtering system to prevent spams delivered to their clients. It is virtually impossible to block even 50% of the spams arriving in a mail server, and there will always be false positives.

If we host your email, our email is also hosted on the same server as well. If the server is down then we are aware of it and are working on it. You can follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter for updates.

Email is very difficult to troubleshoot because there are so many variables involved.

First Test to Try
If we host your email and your email has just suddenly stopped working, please try these options:
  • Go to
    • If you can see our site, then you have internet access. This is good. We have had people say their email was not working but later admit that their internet service was down in the office. This was why their email was not working.
  • Go to our web-mail service.
    • If we host your email then you will have access to our web-mail. Try logging in with your email address and password provided. If you are able to send and receive email then our email server is working.
Not receiving email?

Are you not RECEIVING email?

Not receiving any email? Or not receiving email from particular sender?

  • If you are not receiving any email, then check the FIRST STEP above.
  • If you are not receiving email from a particular sender then continue:

First thing to check:

  • Have the sender check their OUTBOX to see if it has sent. The sender might be having internet issues of their own.

Some other reasons for not receiving are:

  • They have typed your email address in wrong
    • Please contact us as we can set up what is called a CATCH-ALL email. If someone types your name wrong but types in correctly everything including the @ symbol, then it will still go through. But if they misspell your domain address in the email then it will fail.
  • They have attached a file to the email that is too large to send via email.
    • We have out server set at 25 MB but most service providers like SaskTel have it set around 15 MB.
  • The sender’s email might be blacklisted.
    • Depending on who is hosting the sender’s email, or how they conduct sending emails. SPAM servers around the world, including our own, may see their email address as SPAM and is blocking it.
    • They can check to see if they are blacklisted using this service – Blacklist Check
  • Missing Reverse DNS on sender’s email.
    • Reverse DNS is a special record type added to the email server settings. Essentially what it is, is a check SPAM servers use to confirm the sender’s email.
    • We are trying to help our customers from receiving less SPAM. Our email service is set high to block SPAM. If your sender’s email does not have a reverse DNS setting set up, then our SPAM filter could be blocking it. If ours is blocking it, then chances are other SPAM servers are blocking it as well.
    • They will need to check with their email hosting service.

For the reason’s listed above, are just some of the reasons why you are not receiving from a particular sender. This is why it is difficult to troubleshoot. If at all, if none of these above points don’t help, we will need to see the error message that your sender might be receiving as a bounce back. Please see if they can forward it to us.

Issues Sending Email

Are you not able to SEND email?

If you are having issues sending email from an account we host for you, we will need to know a few things:

  • Are you sending from a computer or a mobile device (smartphone or tablet)
    • Android or Apple?
  • Are you sending from email software such as Outlook or Thunderbird?
  • Are you sending from our webmail service?
  • Is this an new problem and when did it start happening?

For security reasons, we won’t list our out-going mail settings here.Please submit a support ticket to have us resend you the OUTGOING AND INCOMING MAIL SETTINGS.