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A website is quite possibly the most important business tool today

While it’s simple enough in today’s world for anyone to throw together a website. Unless your business is web site development, you probably shouldn’t be the one developing your own site.

If yo have time to build and manage your own webesite. Then you aren’t very busy in your own business. That should be your first signal.

We’re not just saying this because we build websites. But after 20 years in business, we have seen all levels of websites. Businesses come sot us and ask why their website isn’t doing what it shoudl be.

if you’re looking to build a website for your business, it’s essential to have a professional website developer.

Advantages of a Professional Website

Most people don’t understand the benefits of a quality website. Below is our Top 10 List on the benefits of a professional website.

1. It’s the equivilent of an employee who works for you 24/7

It becomes several employes rolled into one. It will be come an educator, a slaes person, an administrator and your support team.

2. Saves you money by not having to rebuild a poor website

Building your own site or hiring someone who isn’t familiar with proper web techniques will cost you more than hiriing a professional.

3. Easier to add new functionality in the future

A number of the “free” systems like WIX, Squarespace and GoDaddy do not let you offer certain things. Like eCommerce, third-party tools and even your own branded email (

4. Makes a better first impression

A website that looks sketchy or loads slowly or is using watermarked stock images can cause issues. Would you go into a business that had broken windows, stained carpets, and holes in the wall?

5. Provides trust and value to potential customers

Everything about your business makes an impression. A professional website can put a customer at ease and they know they are safe while using your site.

6. Helps you keep up or ahead of your competition

Depending on your industry, your competiors may not have a website, or have the dated, unprofessional website that we are discussing here. A professional website will keep pace or catapult you ahead of your competition.

7. Establishes Long Term Loyalty

Depending on your industry, your competiors may not have a website, or have the dated, unprofessional website that we are dicussing here. A professional website will kepp pace or catapult you ahead of your competiton.

8. Portability

Again, if you use a WIX, Squarepace or other system similar, you will not be able to move your site. These systems are all proprietary and have to stay put. A professional website can be moved to another host if needed. Otherwise you will have to rebuild the site all over again. Even using another company that has thier own platform can be dangerous.

9. Keeps Google Happy

Google didn’t invent the web or even search engines. But they have refined how people search. Everyone wants to be listed high in a Google search. But in order to do that, you have to keep Google happy. Google has over 200 things they look for. Including proper code, fast loading sites, easy to read content and easy to navigate websites. Improve your site rank with a professional website.

10. The Web is Constantly Changing

An website that is not future-proof will cause long term issues. When cell phones were not smartphones, there was no such thing as a mobile-friendly website. That was only about 10 years ago. When technolgy changes are you going to want to rebuild your website each time?

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