Website or Online Brochure

Website or Online Brochure

Website vs Proper Website

How do I know if my website is working?

A proper website will sell you 24 / 7 and be found by Google and your potential customers

There was a time when it was good to have a website that showcased what your business sold or was about. But those times are gone and have been for a long time. A website is not a bucket list item. Where you launch it, scratch it off your to do list and forget it.

Ask yourself:

  • How long would you visit CBC News if the website never changed to current relevant news?
  • How often would you read the same newspaper (if you still read them) over and over?
  • How often would you talk to a person if they told the same stories everyday?

By not updating or editing your website you are asking your customers, potential customers and Google to read the same content over and over.

Why have a website if it is not going to be updated?

What should my website have on it?

Help Google and your customers find you.

Hire Omni Studios to develop a proper website for your business.

A website needs to:

  • Sell your Products
  • Sell your Services
  • Educate your current clients and potential new ones
  • Be responsive / Mobile Device Friendly
  • Be updated on regular basis
  • Have Google Analytics installed

If you think it’s too expensive to hire a professional to build your website …

what is the cost of doing it wrong yourself?

Before starting a new business …

Before starting a new business …

So you want to start a business …

There are a lot of things you will need to start and operate your business. Obviously beyond the idea of the business, product or service you need a business name. A few things to keep in mind before you register your business in Saskatchewan.

Now Google has a couple of tools that will help you as well if the domain name is not available and you need to change your business name.

  • Google Keyword Planner
    • The Google Keyword Planner will show you to find out how many people are searching keywords that may be similar to your product or service.
  • Google Insights
    • Google Insights allows you to see the trends of your product or service.

Keep in mind as well …

  • Your business name does not need to have the product or service in the name. Be creative, be unique.
  • A long business name and subsequently a long domain name will make it difficult for people to type or misspell.
  • Speaking of spelling mistakes, try not to be too cute by changing how a word is spelled as your company name, unless you have the budget to purchase all of the domain names that go with it.
    • For example: If you choose the name Maple Leaf Widgets as your business name. But you insist on registering Maple Leef Widgets can be somewhat dangerous.
    • People will want to search for your company name with the correct spelling and may not find it because of that.
      • You should then purchase all domains to cover those names ( and .ca and and .ca).
Business Start Up Package

The Start Up Business Package

Thinking about starting a new business or have you been in business for less than a year? We know how hard it is to get started. All the expenses.

For ONE PRICE, we can help get you up and running.

We will provide your business with the tools you need to take that next step.

What it includes

  • Logo/Brand Design*
  • 500 Premium Business Cards*
  • Domain Name for 1 Year
  • Mobile friendly one-page website
  • 1 Year of website hosting
  • Branded Facebook Page

All for $1500 Plus applicable taxes