Logo Design Questionnaire

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Not many people enjoy filling out questionnaires, but for your project to be successful, we need some background information about you and your business. We will ultimately need the information below, so if we can get it out of the way now, things will go much smoother.

We tried to make the form below as easy as possible to fill out. The fields marked with a red asterisk * are required fields. But don’t limit yourself to just those. Again, the more we know about you and your competitors, the quicker we can make a logo for you and the less expensive it will be.

The internet and how it is constantly evolving has caused brands & logos to evolve

Since mobile browsing surpassed desktop browsing in late 2016, the marketing world has been turned on its head, shifting their priorities to making things beautiful (and captivating) on smaller screens.

This may seem like a long list of questions, but you’ll save yourself time and money if we know as much as we can before starting. 

All about you

Who are we communicating with?
Do you have a current website? If so, what is the domain name? If not, we develop websites too if required.

About the Business

What can you tell us about your business? Are you going to be providing a service or product that is new to customers. Have you been in your industry a long time or are you just starting your career. Do you want to cater to a specific demographic?
Please provide a short description of your business.
Keep in mind, you do not need to add "Inc." or "Ltd." in your logo/brand. On legal documents, like tax forms, cheques, insurance papers, contracts, etc. you obviously need to use the actual name of the business, but your brand does not require it. Think of TARGET or FedEx or GM, they do not have anything like that in there brand.
To whom will your business serve?
Regardless of your business type, the fonts used in your logo should be easy to read. Some exceptions might be a Tattoo Artist, where the font can be very elaborate.

There are thousands upon thousands of fonts that can be used. The trend now is to use fonts with no serifs (Sans serif), because websites are viewed on smaller devices (smartphones). When a website is responsive or mobile friendly, components of the site are made smaller to fit on a smaller screen, and fonts with serifs can become difficult to read.

See font examples below.

How will the logo be used?

The more complex a logo is or the more colors it includes it becomes more expensive to add to items such as business cards, building signage or to embroider on clothing as examples.

What are your tastes?

Your logo should appeal to your customers.For example, if you are a Business to Business company, then it should look professional and clean.However, if your business caters to youth (Example: skateboards) you can use a graffiti style font (lettering).
A well designed logo only has about 2 to 3 colors. The more colors used will create it more difficult to reproduce the logo on signs, clothing and even business cards and envelopes. A color can sometimes be just as powerful as the logo itself.
If you have seen logos you like, kindly send us domain names or the names of companies in which .you like there logo. Just so we can see the style you like. The logos DO NOT have to be in your industry, just logos you like in general.
If you have seen logos you dislike, kindly send us domain names or the names of companies in which .you like there logo. Just so we can see the style you dislike. The logos DO NOT have to be in your industry, just logos you don't like in general.

Who are your competitors?

Depending on your industry, you may have a number of competitors or very few competitors. The last thing we want to do is design a logo that uses colors, fonts or overall design that looks similar to a competitors logo. Please list a few competitors that we can review.
You may have national and local competitors. National competitors we are probably aware of or can find on our own, once we know your industry, but who are some local competitors we should be made aware of?

Will you be requiring any other services once the logo is complete?

We offer more services.