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Commercial Photography for Regina Business

Product Shots, Staff Photos and more.

More so than ever, the right photography can set you apart from your competitors and be the deciding factor in a lead on your website. People are using higher resolution monitors and retina display smartphones.

A major component to photography is composition. Knowing when to take the picture and knowing when the shot isn’t right. That is what you are paying for. Knowing how to make a person smile, but not over-smile. Knowing how to use natural light to highlight your office shot.


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For Use on LinkedIn, Business Cards, Corporate Website

No matter your industry, photography is required

Annual Reports, Brochures, Catalogues, Websites, Calendars. 

Photography, like video, is becoming more of a selling feature than words on a page. People have become too busy (lazy) to read. An image creates emotion, a photo captures the moment. A high quality

Sure, smartphones have excellent cameras and selfie-sticks have made it easier to take photos of yourself. But the photography we are talking about needs to be shot with the right equipment. With the right light. With the right background. With the right emotion.

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