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It's all about Brand Management

Graphic Design Services

Consistency is a major part of your brand

Whether it was Omni Studios, another design firm, or even if you made your own logo/brand. You need to make sure that once you have a brand, that you use it properly with all of your marketing, advertising, social media, website and more.

There is a subliminal message to your clients or potential clients in your branding and marketing efforts.

You should be asking for a branding guide. Whether you have the knowledge or not, but if you send your logo to another company for an ad in their periodical or website, now you are relying on them to make you look good.

Website Hosting Regina

Think of us when you need designs for:

Brochures (of all sizes)
Vehicle Decals and Wraps
Invoices, Envelopes, Business Cards
Letterhead (Digital templates and Printed)
Quote & Fax cover sheets (if you still use a fax)
PowerPoint Presentations
Tradeshow Items and Signs
Postcards and Promotions

Look Professional, Image Matters

Postcards, Brochures, Door Hangers, Quotes, Invoices

You have your your brand or graphic logo. That’s the heart and soul of your brand. Not everything around it has to also be correct. Making the right choice images, colours, fonts and layout make it easier for your audience to absorb your whole message or brand.

Don’t be the company that uses clip-art, or stolen images off of the internet and paste your professional designed logo on your marketing.